Occupational Health and Safety Representative

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Representative

The Occupational Health and Safety Representative course is designed to provide learners with the basic knowledge & skills to execute their workplace representative duties, as required by the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

The course covers the legal aspects of the OHAS Act, Hazard Identification, Incident Reporting and workplace inspections. The person credited with this unit standard can understand the objectives and statutory requirements about health and safety in the workplace. The learners will explain the rights, powers, functions and duties of the workplace health and safety representative and how any health, safety and environmental issues may be handled.

Unit Std: 259622 | NQF Level: 2 | Credits: 3 | Course Duration: 1 Day | Certificate Valid for: 2 Years

Accreditation: HWSETA

OHS Safety Representative

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